Big Heat Fuel Pellets

Big Heat Fuel Pellet™ is a product of Equustock, LLC.  

Equustock has been manufacturing high quality

wood fuel pellet products for over 15 years


Big Heat Fuel Pellets are produced from clean wood by-products.  These by-products would normally be sent to landfills, or waste burned but through our unique zero waste program,  we are able to use the material as our pellet fuel ingredient.  We take great care in the screening and selection of our wood fiber to ensure a high quality wood fuel pellet.  Our state of the art production and integrated product line allows us to produce high quality, premium fuel pellets without addition of artificial binders or additives.


Equustock Wood Fibers, LLC is dedicated to a full circle recycle program that reduces landfill waste, improves wood fuel pellet quality, and ultimately provides for a clean reliable fuel resource for home and commercial application.


Our pellet fuel distribution network continues to grow every day.  Big Heat Pellet Fuel can be found at many of the nations leading retailers, both large and small.  We are actively pursuing distribution throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world. With strategically positioned regional plants and  throughout North America, our distribution logistics offer reasonable transportation costs throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and abroad.


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For more information about wood fuel pellets, visit the Pellet Fuel Institute web site.


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